Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

A client’s freedom, liberty and constitutional rights afforded to all United States citizens are the most important things there are for a lawyer to protect. Having conducted more than fifty felony jury trials, Chad Taylor possesses the expertise, knowledge and experience required to defend your most crucial rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unencumbered by Government harassment or abuse of power. When you have legal matters in the Federal, Superior, State and Juvenile Courts of the State of Georgia, come talk to Chad Taylor.

Having tried cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, he knows the tricks of the trade that you need in your defense. Chad Taylor has conducted Murder trials in every county in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, and obtained acquittals in serious felony cases throughout southern Georgia. When you are facing the fight of your life, for your life, make sure an attorney with actual courtroom experience with judges, juries and the law is standing up for you, in your corner.


Know your rights, including how to save your license in the event you refused to submit to State-administered tests; how to suppress the results of State-administered tests of blood, breath and/or urine; and the imperfect techniques used by police and hospital staff in obtaining blood alcohol content results and in conducting roadside sobriety tests that often create “false positive” results. Do not go up against the State alone, or without an attorney with years of experience inside the courtrooms of south Georgia.


Without an attorney who knows the ins and out of prosecuting and defending cases in the Superior Courts of the State of Georgia, and trying cases before a federal jury, you are taking wild, unnecessary chances with your freedom, liberty and livelihood. Insist upon an attorney who has tried every type of criminal case imaginable, and has the reputation of taking cases to trial, in order to get your particular best outcome, whether that ultimately be trial by jury, a negotiated plea, or dismissal of your charges on the warrants themselves.


The key to keeping your record clean when charged with misdemeanors is a speedy and aggressive defense of your case. Meet with Chad Taylor one-on-one to discuss the facts of your case, the law applicable thereto, and the options you have, including pretrial motions to dismiss; pretrial diversion options that allow you to avoid a conviction on your record; expungement of a conviction already on your record; or a trial by judge or jury to exonerate your name.


Whether you need information about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines specific to your situation, the law pertaining to the charges you may be facing, or the validity of a search conducted upon your person, your vehicle, your home, or your belongings, Chad Taylor has the experience you need in your corner, tailored to your individual circumstances. Chad is known for zealously defending clients in Federal Court on probation revocations, motions to suppress evidence unlawfully obtained by the government, and jury trials in Federal District Courts in the Southern District of Georgia, including Brunswick, Savannah, Waycross, Augusta and Statesboro. Discuss your case with a learned Federal defense attorney to explore all of your options and possible contingencies before trial, and to be ready when trial by Federal jury is the only answer.